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Welcome to the DuPage Birding Club!

Founded in 1985, the DuPage Birding Club is nationally known as one of the largest and most active birding groups in Illinois. Our mission is to promote birding among our 200+ members and the general public through education and field experiences that take advantage of the various habitats in DuPage County, the greater Chicago area, and other regional hotspots.

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Field Trip Participants: Please dress warm and dry for field trip weather and trail conditions. We expect everyone to enjoy birding in a safe manner by being careful and prudent.

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All About Sparrows!

July 14, 2016

Our speaker will be Denis Kania who started birding late in life, but over the past 30 years, he has made up for lost time.

Denis devotes all of his time studying minute visual details of his subjects. This serves him well when it comes to problematic bird groups such as fall warblers or sparrows. He uses this attention to detail in his bird art too, which helps advance his birding skills.

Denis also enjoys international bird travel. Since his first trip to Costa Rica in 1994, he has made over twenty trips to Central and South America. Outside of the western hemisphere,Denis has also birded in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. His upcoming trip to South America will potentially bless him with his 4000th species. As Denis says, “It’s up to the birds”.

Denis loves to teach and his sparrow program is based on one of his first classes he offered at the Morton Arboretum, where he has encouraged new birders for twenty years.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your sparrow ID skills!

Please join us for our pre-meeting dinner at 6:00 pm at Panera Bread located at 541 Roosevelt Rd, Glen Ellyn.

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Saturday, July 30, 7:30 a.m.

Fullersburg Woods, Oak Brook

Leader: Lesa Hipes

Thursday, July 7, 6:00 p.m.

Know Your Neighborhood: Wheaton

Leader:  Glenn Pericone

Saturday, July 23, 7:30 a.m.

Lyman Woods, Downers Grove

Leader: Joan Campbell

Saturday, July 9, 9:00 a.m.

Swainson’s Hawks, Kane County

Leaders: Bob and Karen Fisher

Saturday, July 9, 7:30 a.m.

Cantigny Golf, Wheaton

Leaders: Jeff Reiter

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Meacham Grove - May 7, 2015

Jean and I, along with Nancy and Leslie, took the Meacham Grove field trip on Tuesday morning, May 7th. The weather was great. We saw some nice birds. Our tally was 32 species. Note that the large area that at one time was a wet marsh is now quite dry, owing to draining. Further, this trip came before the heavy rains of late. The vernal ponds were dry back in the woods. Leslie and I spent a lot of time looking for warblers in the western part of the preserve. We were not rewarded for our effort. Hence our tally was less than in past years.

I filed our listing on the Club's eBird account. A copy of the listing is attached in PDF format. We took a some photos with my pocket Lumix camera. I have attached a selection just for fun. Jean and I have 2 more DuPage Birding Club field trips remaining for May.

Cantigny  June 11, 2016

Today's bird walk at Cantigny Park, co-sponsored by the DuPage Birding Club, was attended by 39 birders. Birding from the shade as much as possible, we found 45 species. We did not venture onto the golf course.

One of the highlights today was our discovery of an active nest belonging to an Eastern Wood Pewee. We all had good views of the female pewee on the nest, presumably sitting on eggs. The nest is in one of the big oaks near the red bandshell.

Other walk highlights were orchard and Baltimore orioles, rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting,great-crested flycatcher and good numbers of Eastern bluebird. Warblers were the expected ones, yellow and common yellowthroat. Most of us also enjoyed fine views of a singing red-eyed vireo. See list.

Thanks to all who attended the walk and especially the first-timers -- please come back! Additional kudos to my able co-leaders, Joan Campbell and Jim Frazier.

NEXT MONTH, on July 9 at 7:30 am, please join us at Cantigny Golf for "Purple Martins 101" by Cantigny volunteer Ray Feld. If you've never attended this annual "workshop" definitely put this on your calendar and bring your camera -- it's always a fun and informative morning. More details are posted online at

See you soon and stay cool!


Pate Phillips State Park/Tri County Park - Sept. 5, 2015

We had a successful DBC Field Trip on Saturday morning, Sept 5th. Per our plan, we met at the Pate Philips Tri-County State Park at 7:30am. Three birders came who were new to DBC field trips. They told us they had a good experience and we invited them to our next Club Meeting. More birders came from the Club. Our birders were all with some experience and several brought some nice cameras. Counting Jean and myself, we had 12 birders on this outing.

We checked the birds at "Tri-County" for the next two hours. The weather was warm, but close to ideal. We were able to see lots of birds and some very nice species. I kept the log and tried to get everyone's input. The bird totals for each species represent a rough interpretation of what was being seen, given the many inputs. Others may have their own list. I have filed the results with eBird under our DBC account. Per my tally, we logged 29 species on this outing. I have attached a PDF copy of the listing.

Per the eBird history, we got to see birds that might be expected this time of the year. Some birds were not seen, such as the Osprey. Several birds were intriguing. We got to see a Northern Waterthrush on a sand bar in the creek. We got to see and hear the Sora in the brush near the bear dam on the creek. I took some photos with my pocket camera. Jon Grainger got the only shot of the illusive Sora. I have attached several of my shots, including Cormorants, Cedar Waxwings, plus the Sora photo from Jon. We all elected to stop birding at 9:30am. (We did not explore Pratt's Wayne Woods). Some had other commitments. For myself, I had a doctor's appointment to address my head cold. Jean and three others went on to the Savoury Pancake Café for brunch and good conversation. Two of the breakfast group were new to the DBC.  


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If you find sick, injured, or orphaned native wildlife, you can contact the Willowbrook Wildlife Center for assistance. NOTE: Please read the acceptance policy on their website before bringing an animal to their facility!

Field Trips

Summer is officially here! With spring migration over, birders have turned their attention to summer-resident birds nesting and raising young. Plenty of birding opportunities await us through the summer in woodlands, grasslands, and wetlands, as the singing by males dwindles and the begging by youngsters and contact-calling by their parents increase. One day last month, I heard the same short, nasal, rather-high-pitched squawk coming from shrubs on both sides of a trail at Springbrook Prairie. I figured juveniles were making the vocalizations, but I had no idea which species until I rounded the bend and saw one of them calling. It was a fledgling Brown Thrasher, reddish brown with streaks, spots, and wingbars in the right places, the very-short tail of a youngster just fledged, and a few downy feathers sticking up on its head. I’d never seen, nor heard, a young Brown Thrasher before, and I was thrilled to be able to record a video of this young bird (and then the calls of its sibling hidden in the shrubbery), which you can watch and listen to at this link:

The DuPage Birding Club shares the joy of discovering, watching, and listening to bird families with people of all ages. We do this with Field Trips, Club meetings, Community Outreach and Youth Education Programs, the “Drummings” newsletter, and Grants and Donations. This spring and summer, DBC is supporting the Glen Ellyn Park District’s “Trails & Trivia” program encouraging kids and their families to explore nature via bird-themed trivia questions in 8 of its community parks. DBC has donated two of the program’s prizes: “The Sibley Guide to Birds” and a free DBC family membership. You can find out more about the “Trails & Trivia” challenge in Glen Ellyn’s parks at this link: July is the time! You can RENEW your DBC membership in one of three ways: (1) online, now available on the DBC website at; (2) by regular mail, using the application form on the DBC website; or (3) in person at the next DBC meeting. If you have already renewed your DBC membership, thank you!

Davida Kalina

June 21, 2016

Illinois BirdTrax

9th Annual Sax-Zim Bog Winter Birding Festival - Feb, 2016

Six DBC members attended the 9th Annual Sax-Zim Bog Winter Birding Festival in the Duluth, Minn., area in February. Pictured, clockwise from top left, are Roger Zacek, Diane Meiborg, Joan Campbell, Ed Campbell, Chuck Berman and Jeff Reiter.

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